For my uni project I am using a cypress PSoC to get sensor data from ECG, which then transmits the data via Bluetooth to a GUI that displays the waveform on a plot in real time. The GUI also has buttons and sliders to control the ECG. There are also functions written into the PSoC that sends an alert when ECG waveform data becomes erratic or disturbed. The GUI thus should have buttons that are able to communicate with the PSoC to have snooze/mute functions for any alerts that come up. All of the communication between GUI and board shall be over Bluetooth.

Currently, I'm using Blynk for my GUI, and trying to use Pythonista to make my own. However, I found that Pythonista doesn't offer the best options for data visualization (not at the standard of Blynk either), and the GUI screen is hard to make pretty.

Through my searches I've come across Qt, PyQt, and other GUI development tools, making it almost overwhelming to make a choice. Can someone with more knowledge recommend a GUI development tool that will work best with my project requirements?

Or, I was wondering if it's possible to create a cross-platform application using Visual Studios or XCode that also satisfies my requirements? I don't really have preference for the language used in the GUI development (Python/ C++, C#, etc.), just whatever would make for an aesthetically pleasing, cheap, and functional application.


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