I'm currently facing a problem where I need to develop or provide a method of communication between two time-critical services. The current time constraint is that one round trip request can NOT take more than 100ms. To clarify this request trip. Service A will receive a request, at this point our clock starts. This request is then processed and then sent onto service B. This service does some processing and returns this request back to service A. This Service A, then returns the request to the requestee. At this point, the clock stops and the request lifecycle is finished. to restate, This cycle must not take more than 100ms. To summerise: requestee -> A-> B -> A -> requestee.

Does anyone here have any advice on what method or implementation is most scalable to enable this fast communication between service A and B? I am currently thinking that a queuing service like RabbitMQ could be a good solution. Does anyone have any experience in implementing rabbitmq in low latency service to service communications?

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