I'm creating a configuration based SFTP file grabber in C#, and am trying to find a library that is still being actively worked on.

The only options I've found so far are:

SharpSSH https://github.com/jbogard/SharpSSH

SSH.NET https://github.com/sshnet/SSH.NET

SharpSSH hasn't been updated since 2012, and SSH.NET hasn't been updated since 2016, and none of the issues are being responded to (caveat, there is one issue where the author commented and said that he doesn't have time to work on the project).

More googling only leads me to tutorials on using SSH.NET, and I can't find anything else.

For now, I'm going to be using SSH.NET, but I wanted to know if anyone knew of any other libraries, preferably ones that are still being maintained.


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