Searched everywhere and couldn’t really find a solution to this. Is there a flutter plugin for sending automated emails in the background (ie without opening email app and having user hit send)? Basically I’d like to be able to pass a sender email, receiver email, subject, body, attachments, etc.

I know plugins such as: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_email_sender https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_mailer exist but I don't believe they allow for a custom sender email.

If this plugin doesn’t exist yet, how could one go about building it? I would love to build it out if possible and publish it. Any guidance here is appreciated, thanks! :-)

edit: https://pub.dev/packages/mailer is what i needed

  • Welcome to Software Recommendations! On SE sites, it's perfectly fine to answer your own question (also see here) – but answers should be posted as answers, not as part of the question-post. Mind editing that out of your question, and move it to a separate answer – with a few more details what makes that package fit? Thanks in advance! – Izzy Jul 24 '19 at 6:24

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