It's my first time here so i hope im right.

I have been tasked with the question to get ruby on rails working on windows with NTLM/Windows authentication. My reasearch so far was either stupidly old results or not working for since they are propretary. My goal is to have a rails api which can authenticate against a corparate Active Directory. My understanding of rails and NTLM are not perfect but my findings suggesting that there is no aplication server (Puma, unicorn or something else) that suports NTLM. I have then tried Apache 2.4 with mod_authn_ntlm and reverse proxy to puma. This is obviously not working due to the nature of NTLM. I get asked to provide credientials but they are not passed through the porxy because NTLM authenticates connections (to put it in simple terms).

To get to the point my question is a recomendation of library for apache or something else (i know nginx has NTLM in propretry mode) that could help me to get this working. For me it would be sufficent to get HTTP Header information for authenticated users only and then check for group associations and other stuff later in rails. I just need to authenticate a user against my corprate active directory in best case on windows but linux could also work.

I hope this is enough explanation and i am sorry for my english.

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