I made an ASP.NET MVC Project, where I use Highchart. The chart has columns and a line. Now the company I make this project for said, that they do not want to pay for a highchart license so I have to search for an alternative js chart library. The requirements are:

  • it should be for free
  • it should be as similar as possible to highcharts
  • i need a chart with columns and a line
  • i need drilldown for "data zooming"

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Have a look at the list of charting libraries mentioned in Charting libraries, which are used as charting engines in various contributed Drupal modules (disclosure: I'm the original author of this page).

These are my personal favorites (also because they are used in the Drupal modules I (co-) maintain):

  • PHP SVG Graph
  • pChart
  • D3

Up to you to further investigate which of these libraries might possibly be considered as a valid alternative in your case. While investigating, make sure to also consider the actual license (open source, commercial, etc) for those libraries.


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