I have a list of items and items they depend on. I want to visualize them between myself and my team. This is to visualize a series of dependencies on github. I looked online for software to do this but they all seem to cost money.

Is there some library I can use that would draw on a canvas... or something that lets me visualize this? All I need is something that will draw them for me, nothing fancy. I will take care of the rest of the stuff in terms of making sure connections exist and such.

Ideally it'd be JavaScript so I can throw this onto a simple web app and it'd be shared everywhere, but I'd also take a library from an existing language.

It should be easy to learn because this will be nothing more than an internal app that preferably can be made in less than a few hours.

I figure such a thing might not exist, so many some kind of library that lets me draw circles and lines and drag around a position/camera on a canvas would be my next best option.

An example of something close to what I'd be looking for: https://github.com/markitx/issue-graph

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I like visjs as a pure JS solution.

With R I'd use the visNetwork Package to export dataframes (=tables) to JS-based plots (based on vis.js), but here are many other libraries.

Here is an example:

nodes <- data.frame(id = 1:4)
edges <- data.frame(from = c(2,4,3,2), to = c(1,2,4,3))

visNetwork(nodes, edges, width = "100%") %>% 
        visEdges(shadow = TRUE,
                 arrows =list(to = list(enabled = TRUE, scaleFactor = 2)),
                 color = list(color = "lightblue", highlight = "red")) %>%
        visLayout(randomSeed = 12) # to have always the same network 

This produces


but it is actually interactive graph.

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