I have been looking for a while but can't seem to find something that fits my needs.

A basic rundown of what I am looking for is a software/api that will allow me to store and retrieve information about triggers in books. I am wanting to have this be both a website and application so that I can allow for saving of the info and notifications for later implantation.

My current plan was to store the information in a JSON file containing the name, author, trigger tags, and then multiple entry's on the triggers. For example, say that at page 20 there was gore and then at page 40 there was abuse, I would store that along with a description without the triggers so the reader could skip that part.

I have found resources pointing to nodejs and react as well as php and storing the information in MySQL but can't find a good way to store multiple entry's in MySQL and can't seem to find out how to read a json file and create the dynamic page using nodejs and react. I know how to do this in Java with the json file so that isn't an issue but if something better is recommended I could probably find out how to get it working.

My platforms to access the content are going to be a website, a desktop app coded in java and a mobile app for IOS and Android in kotlin. I would prefer to keep this as opensource/free as possible as well.

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