MSSQL 2017 Win2k16 64GB Memory Setting

What should be the memory setting value for both min and max if my server has 64GB ram and the vendor states?

atleat 10% dedicated to OS. So if 10% * 64 gigabytes = 6400 megabytes do I set that in the min value and then leave the max blank? Or minus 6400 from total and place that in max? 64000-6400= 57600 and place 57600 in MAX value? Anything for min or just leave that 0? My DBA left the job so I'm trying my best to set this system up and then the vendor will take over.

  • Also below that for other memory options. Index Creation Memory for dynamic and for Min memory per query it seems to have defaults of 0 and 1024. Are those correct dependent on my 65GB of ram? – SystemAdmin Jul 22 '19 at 13:54

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