I am looking for some way to be able to run Sieve (oftentimes called server-side) rules after delivery into the mailbox. This is not a default feature of Sieve, which is why I am asking here. Normally Sieve rules apply to incoming mails during (or, depending on how you look at it) before delivery.

It would be great if the answer would point out some add-on/extension to an existing mail (IMAP) client or alternatively a separate client.

The only other prerequisites are that it should be possible to run the Sieve rules against the inbox after a particular time/date and that the solution should either run on Linux or Windows.

The point of this exercise is to keep my filter rules DRY (i.e. not having to repeat them on the client).

The title mentions subset explicitly because some actions such as rejecting an email don't make sense after delivery. However, copying/moving emails into a given folder based on certain criteria would make sense. So that's what I am after.

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