I have notes, how-to-do & tips in my Evernote for things ranging from programming to cooking to quotes to movie & book reviews & list of my favourite apps, movies, books. I have even embedded talks & tutorials from youtube.

I am rather forgetful, so I am just keeping a backup of my brain basically. I waste too much time relearning things I have learned before. My challenge is browsing through the data & finding the right data quickly.

I like to browse through everything like a directory form like dmoz.

I have organised it based on tags. Most times even I forget the tags I have used. I like how I can group my tags in Gmail. But that also has a flaw.

Like I have script written in "python" & "bash". I want to see it when I look in "script" tag & but also show I have "scripts" when I look for "python".

Even in cooking, I list the ingredient for each recipe. But usually what happens in I look at what is in the fridge or what I got fresh & cheap and try to whip up something with it. So, I would like to list the ingredients and what find what is the closest I can get with it.

I am thinking about publishing certain sections online. Not sure what is the best way to do that. I want to publish things like my tutorials, tips & reviews.

I want a blog/cms/wikimedia/platform (I am not sure of the correct term).

I am not sure if I expecting too much or if I am going about things in the wrong way.

How do you store your notes?

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