I have an ECommerce website that talks to Microsoft Dynamics to send orders. I want logging as a service in the cloud that allows me to add logs and create email/text message notifications.

Sample logs:

  1. When an order is created (website logging)
  2. When the shopping site sends an order to Dynamics (website logging)
  3. When Dynamics receives the order (Dynamics logging)
  4. When Dynamics add the order (Dynamics logging)
  5. When the shopping site receives confirmation that Dynamics received the order and processed it successfully or not (website logging)

Any of these calls could fail. It would be good if there was a system where I could add the log and create an email/text message notification if:

  • Dynamics doesn't log the order was received more than 5 minutes after step 1
  • Step 5 indicates the order was not added successfully and so on

The key is to be able to add email/text message notifications easily when certain logs are made or certain logs aren't made after a certain period of time.

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