I'm on Mac.

For a long time I used Mozilla KompoZer to write content. It was a decent WYSWIG editor, although it did some weird things with code. A while back, a Mac update broke KompoZer and the app no longer worked right.

The best alternative I've found so far is Adobe Dreamweaver. It seems they used to sell it as a standalone version for $400. I'd be happy to pay this. Adobe doesn't offer this anymore, only recurring billing options. I won't pay those.

I have tried every alternative I can find. Aptana Studio 3 looked good but it tells me there's an error and won't run on my (fully updated) Mac (then tells me to check the error log in its folder... but the folder is empty. No error log). Aloha HTML Editor is Windows-only. BlueGriffin seemed perfect at first, but it turns out it's buggier than KompoZer is (won't even let me undo a copy+paste). I tried various other HTML editors (like BBEdit for Mac) that so far as I can tell don't have a WYSIWYG option at all. I think I've tried every single alternative I can find online. Most are no longer maintained.

I write millions of words a year to publish online. I also edit the code in my articles, handle images, CSS, and so on. All I want is a WYSIWYG editor, where I can type out content, have the app put everything in <p> paragraph tags automatically, let me make things <h2> and <h3> headers and create bullet lists and bold and italicize font and add links, and have a split screen where I can see the code, so I can edit that as well. Free, paid, it makes no difference to me. Price is irrelevant if it does what I need.

Are there any actually good, non-buggy WYSIWYG editors for Mac in 2019 that aren't browser-based and only make you pay once?

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