In markdown extended syntax you can define custom headers like {#custom-id} to follow a line which can then be translated to html/css styles/classnames and word document styles on publication through tools like pandoc.

I'm looking for a user friendly wysiwig editor which non technical users could use to highlight sections and then assign custom class names to the contained content.

My goal is to take an existing word document template or css file with company branding, that contain a large assortment of styles defined.. and compose/publish documents from sets of markdown files using pandoc incorporating template/reference files in docx/odt/css format.

I've accomplished a successful proof of concept for all this using pandoc and powershell, but the main thing that's missing is to find the best editor for end users. I'm having a really hard time finding any editors which support the custom header id syntax. Maybe there's an alternative way to accomplish the same goal which also doesn't involve html in markdown content?

As an example my word template has a styles like "Caption", "Subtle Emphasis", and a property name like "ProjectName" or "Owner". If users can assign the class names easily in the markdown editor, than I know I can create a publication step which automaps all of them over to the correct properties and styles based on my proof of concept experiment.

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