Few months ago, i've deploy a Laravel project (API server + back office) on GAE flexible environment. Now i was about to switch from flexible to standard environment, because flexible is too much expensive for a Laravel project (Flex Instance Core Hours up to 30$ for a month).

I've tried it but i've faced a contraint with the deployment maximum files limit of 10 000 files. (https://cloud.google.com/appengine/quotas?hl=fr)

My project is using ~15 000 files like ist's said during the gcloud deployment

Uploading 15649 files to Google Cloud Storage

So, my question is, is it a good idea to use GAE for a simple Laravel project ? I know that i can reduce number of files of my project in many ways but i feel like i'm trying to do something useless and not optimised.

If anyone have any advice or experience on using Laravel with GAE standard environment, could you please give me your feedback ?

Thanks for reading me.


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