I am working on code clone detection. For this purpose I made program dependency graphs of C code using a tool named frama-c. Now I have to extract features/metrics from these program dependency graphs for further processing. Is frama-c can extract metrics from program dependency graph? If not, is there any other tool that can extract features/metrics from program dependency graph. My operating system is windows 10 . Please help me in this issue ??

From the following type of piece of Code I made program dependency graph.

void sumProd1A(int n) {
    double sum = 0.0; //C1
    double prod = 1.0;
    int i;
    for (i = 1; i <= n; i++)
        sum = sum + i;
        prod = prod * i;
        foo2(sum, prod);
void main()
    printf("\nsumProd1A_Cordy: %lf ");

The following type of Program dependency graph of above code is generated by using frama-c

enter image description here

From This Program dependency graph I want to extract semantic features/metrics. For example metrics/features given below

  • number of Assignments that come after Declarations
  • the number of Declarations coming after Control (e.g. i < count,for, while, if, switch etc.)
  • the numbers of times nested iterations occur
  • the numbers of times nested selections occur,

    and so on

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