I've been hunting for a Kickstarter-esque solution to build a new crowdfunding (mostly via membership/recurring payments) solution atop, and it's starting to feel a little niche the more I research, so I wanted to ask to see if perhaps anyone has any recommendations / experience using any of the options out there.

My research to date show that the main crowdfunding sites (e.g Kickstarter, GoFundMe) do not allow their services to be used by external sites. I have discovered a couple of companies that have build (what seems like) a solution for this situation, Katipult being one, Patreon being the other (and closest to the solution I need).

My question — is there a clear market leader/s in this space that I am overlooking? I'm trying to go as MVP as possible with this application as it's a startup, but it doesn't look like I will get away with a Shopify style solution here due to the many to many relationship required by the system (there will be many users who will need mapping to many "donors").

Any recommendations based on experience (or red flags) are very much welcomed and appreciated.


  • Anyone? Perhaps this is more niche than I suspected! – J. Ktz Jul 19 '19 at 14:08

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