i am right now in front of a problem that i cant really find a solution for. The Case is:

I have some machines in production which lead workpieces to a specific path together with input from a vision system. Basically this vision system works with an single board computer right now.

The SBC is an Intel NUC NUC7i3BNB, i3-7100U, 8GB RAM, and SSD. Theres a free slot for a wifi card or any other additionals.

These SBC are in an enclosure and inside the machines, so if something goes wrong (software e.g.) you just see the machine stop but you dont have a display that shows whats up. Problem is there is no space for a display on the machine.

Thats where i need a software/hardware setup recommodation, basically i want to screen mirror the Win10 PC on a Tablet (Android/iPad, preferring the iPad) without needing to touch the Intel NUC, i just want to connect directly to the homescreen of every machine in range, using the tablet as primary monitor and touchscreen.

Is there any software that supports a direct wifi connection between a Win10 PC and a tablet, where i can just connect from the outside, not needing a primary connected monitor?

I thought about MiraCast or anything like that technology.. but i am not sure if i need a primary monitor.

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