Hi SR! I have a Win10 desktop workstation that is being used in video production environment. One of the displays/desktops attached to this machine is displaying several windows (OBS preview/live, Win10 clock applet, time.is, etc) and is facing away from the desktop user. I can "painstakingly" manually arrange windows on this display by running VNC to myself (shudder) and moving and shaping windows with the mouse. I need to do this anytime the applications with those windows are closed and reopened, rebooted, etc. It would be fantastic if I had a tool that could note the coordinates and shape of several windows/applications/window classes and just reposition/reshape them at the click of a button!


  1. Budget: low
  2. Speed and efficiency is key here. I should be able to "recall" this layout at the click of the proverbial button. However, I'm willing to spend time with any complexities in the first initial setup.
  3. It needs to "remember" the layout details of these applications. It should be tracking them by process name or maybe even window title (never PID)
  4. It would be nice if it could record Z order too, as my preference is to allow certain amounts of overlap. (this may discount some simple "tiler" apps out there.
  5. The program should be not overly "flaky" or "clumsy". The machine its running on is juggling a fair amount of video data, in realtime, in a live environment...


And yes win+left is a thing and no, those 1/2, 1/4 proportions are no good (no one can see what they need to at a distance). It "seems" (like everything) so simple. I almost attempted this with AutoIt, but I'm sure someone else invented this wheel.... right?

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