I'm searching for a Workflow engine that have a visual editor for creating diagrams, and a library that can be embedded in a solid webapp framework (Django, Spring...)

The solutions I have valuated until now and discarded are:

  • Activiti: it will be perfect, but the editor does not allow you to define variables for an automatic task
  • Camunda: it seems you can't define custom types for variables, validation of process is very limited, and builtin types are only string, list (of strings, I suppose), map (of string,string I suppose) and script (?). No long, double, boolean, byte.
  • YAWL: it will be perfect, but it's really bugged, the source code is bad and it's practically a dead project.
  • Could you please explain more about your need "define variables for an automatic task". I have used Activiti several times, and I was using variables, and automatic tasks. – Nicolas Raoul Jul 14 '19 at 9:25

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