I am working on a project that needs to store data at a rate of 10 Gbps (packet capture files and metadata about each file). Once this data is stored i need to access this data (make querries to get certain files from the stored data). These querries are based on multiple datapoints in metadata files. I have been exploring hadoop (big data anylytics ) and ceph (purely storage) as possible solutions to suffice my use case but i am confused about them as hadoop is something made for big data analytics but provides with additional tools that can work for and Ceph is purely for storage. I need some recommendation about which one should i use If i go for hadoop, would it be enable me to store data at 10 Gbps and then access a chunk of this data say 30 Gbs in seconds? and if i go for ceph it enables me to store data at 10 Gbps but i will have to implement the querrying and retrieval mechanism myself. or is there any better solution available that fulfills my use case. (any recomendations)?

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