I am looking for an off the shelf software/web application that I can implement quickly at my work to share documents to external contacts. Essentially I need it to do the following:

  • Provide a link to the document that can be embedded into emails
  • When the external contact receives this link they are directed to the document directly after having to enter their email and accept an NDA, but without login screens every time they access a file.
  • Dynamically watermark the document to the external contact, so it appears like "For use by johndoe@foo.com"
  • Provide control over who can access the documents, for example restrict forwarding of the link to unapproved users.
  • Prevent downloading of the file (would be cool to prevent screenshots as well)
  • Potential integrations would be useful
  • Track who has accessed the file, how long they've spent on the file
  • Can manage users, revoke access for example
  • ESignatures would be useful, but not necessarily.
  • Track GDPR agreements would also be useful, but again not mandatory.

I've looked at Digify, but this is way beyond our budget ($5000 a month). DocSend is another I've looked at, but does not provide dynamic watermarking and this is really important.

Does anyone know of any vendors that provide something that can do all this?

  • Is there anyone who can help with this? – moonCat93 Jul 17 '19 at 13:14

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