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Every month I collect lists of around 300-500 company names in Japanese that I need to translate into English. I tried scripting this with Applescript in Textwrangler, but this is hard to do because of the number of different terms and my own inexperience. I tried to create lines of Applescript in spreadsheets (as most of the code is the same), but there's a lot and I keep making mistakes.

I've struggled to get the same results after upgrading to BBEdit. The results need to be pasted into a Google Sheet after converting to English. The order of terms varies with each list.

This is a simple global search & replace process. I've got some knowledge of GREP.

Is there a better way and/or tool to do this with? Would this be hard to achieve in Google Apps Script (given that I currently know nothing about Apps Scripts)?

Thanks for any tips.

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