I have done some research but I have not found a good solution yet. I am looking for a simple program which shows me CPU/memory usage of remote Linux (Slackware) machines (20-30) to which I can login via passwordless ssh. I do not want to install any software on the machines. I just want something like: - ssh into every machine - run e.g. top - return reduced output (only CPU/memory usage) - nicely align this into a table - update the status every e.g. 2 seconds

I do NOT need to log anything or get any notifications of events. I just want this program for quick checks.

I already found the program "dtop" from clusterit but it won't run on my machine (Ubuntu 16.04) - giving me seg faults. And it does not seem to be maintained any longer (https://github.com/garbled1/clusterit).

I would be happy for any recommendations! Thanks in advance!

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    Depending on what details exactly you need, a simple shell script reading them from /proc//sys etc. and reducing them via sed/awk could do the trick. Take e.g. a look at /proc/stat for CPU and /proc/meminfo for memory usage – from what you wrote that could be all you need :)
    – Izzy
    Jul 10, 2019 at 19:19
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    Hey @Izzy, this sounds like a good idea. I will give it a try soon and post the outcome here :)
    – jamble
    Jul 11, 2019 at 10:35

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So I hacked together a solution from various places, which works for me. I actually forgot, which sources I used - please tell me, if you feel I should link a post/website! I use the following script.



declare -a addresses
declare -a cpu_last
declare -a cpu_last_sum
declare -a cpu_usage

# read in the list of addresses to ssh in
while IFS= read -r line
done < "$input"

while :; do
  for i in "${!addresses[@]}"; do

    # Get the first line with aggregate of all CPUs 
    cpu_now=($(ssh ${addresses[$i]} head -n1 /proc/stat)) 

    # Get all columns but skip the first (which is the "cpu" string) 
    # Replace the column seperator (space) with + 
    cpu_sum=$((${cpu_sum// /+})) 
    # Get the delta between two reads 
    cpu_delta=$((cpu_sum - cpu_last_sum[$i])) 
    # Get the idle time Delta 
    cpu_idle=$((cpu_now[4]- cpu_last[$i])) 
    # Calc time spent working 
    cpu_used=$((cpu_delta - cpu_idle)) 
    # Calc percentage 
    cpu_usage[$i]=$((100 * cpu_used / cpu_delta)) 

    # Keep this as last for our next read 

  # print the results
  for i in "${!addresses[@]}"; do
    printf "${addresses[$i]}: ${cpu_usage[$i]}     \n"

  # Wait a second before the next read
  sleep 1 

  # clear the previous lines
  for i in "${!addresses[@]}"; do
    tput cuu1 # move cursor up by one line


There is probably lots of room for improvements. I would be thankful for any suggestions!

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