does anyone have a recommendation for an Android app that allows free-hand drawing and typing text with different fonts/sizes? The app should be able to export to SVG/HTML/PDF with selectable text.. I'm not interested in exporting to PNG/JPEG etc..

If exporting to PDF the app should have "pages" when editing so that the content does not get cut off between pages in the exported file..

I'm basically trying to create content for my website using my Samsung Note 8 to draw and type.. I want to just create the content and upload the file to the webserver..

http://glasses4life.com currently has some PDF files of content I created with Samsung Notes.. The fonts and sizes are missing with the Samsung Notes app, as well as content cut off between pages..

http://glasses4life.com/topics/ghostsaliensdemons has HTML generated from the PDF's using Winnovative's server-side PDF library..

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