Is there something similar to AForge.NET but is able to be used with a C++ Visual Studio Project? I am using this framework to interface with DirectShow devices. I like how AForge.NET made it easy to interact with DirectShow devices. Looking for something like that. Particular functionality is displaying video from Camera.


The LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK contains a Capture Control that comes with C++ documentation, demos and code samples. (Disclaimer: I am an employee of this toolkit’s vendor).

You can find the Capture control’s C++ documentation here. The control enumerates the DirectShow video sources, and you can access them through the VideoDevices COM property.

There are also features for previewing video on screen and capturing to video files in different formats.

You can try the control using the free evaluation of LEADTOOLS Multimedia from this page. There’s also free technical support through email and chat during the evaluation.

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