We have a .NET Client/Server application running which we're currently update to latest technologies.

One thing out of it is the usage of Microsoft Report Viewer which raises some questions.

Current situation: Our server has a handfull of reports (rdlc files) taking business objects (pocos) that are arranged in the report. The report itself is rendered on the server and safed as PDF file. The client application only receives the pdf file for viewing/printing/etc..

The problem: While updating to latest technologies we are taking Nuget package Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportViewerControl.Winforms which has a dependency on Microsoft.SqlServer.Types. While compiling the full application a few dll files are not availabe (e.g. Microsoft.ReportViewer.ProcessingObjectModel.dll) since that should be available when installing the Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime. Then we were looking for latest version of all that suff and ended up with a hugh confusion.

Requirements (if possible):

  • Our project (dealing with this reports) could be netstandard2 if possible, otherwise net48
  • The reports never need to be visualized on WPF/WinForm/ASP.NET/etc..
  • The creation of the report (rdlc to pdf) is all done on the server
  • no use of packages not provided from .NET Team/Microsoft (no 3rd party packages like DevExpress, etc...)
  • No installation of additional Runtime


  • What options do we have?
  • Are all the above requirements possbile or what tradeoff do we have to make?
  • If ReportViewer is still be best option: What versions would be the best to use?

I hope I didn't forget to mention an important detail while having digged into that for too long.

Many thanks in advance for all your inputs, ideas and suggestions.

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