Central Japan has many beaches, but:

  • There are always clouds, due to high humidity
  • The sea always looks dark, probably due to the sky
  • The sea is almost always opaque, due to particles
  • The sand is dark and damp

That makes the background of pictures taken on the beach look sad:

enter image description here

If there was an easy-to-use app to make pictures sunnier on-the-spot, I believe it could become quite popular.


  • Make sky a bit sunnier
  • Make sea a but more blue/transparent
  • Make sand a bit whiter/fluffier
  • Humans that are on the picture should not be made sunny/blue/white. They can be made brighter if needed.
  • Open source (strict requirement)

The app would probably first detect the humans, then process the background only, then recompose.

  • You forgot "add palm trees" :) Usually I'd suggest checking my app list (see here for the corresponding photo editors) – but I'm afraid there is no such FOSS app and you'd need to revert to your Linux desktop. Should I be wrong (which I happily admit when seeing evidence), I'd welcome a ping to update that list :) – Izzy Jul 9 '19 at 6:27

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