I am trying to perform the competition analysis for our startup in software reverse architecting. For this task, ideally, I need to find existing software that given the source code on input, provides architectural insights to the user or (better) facilitates the global understanding of the program being analyzed.

I have already identified the following indirect competitors:

  • Source{d}
  • SciTools Understand
  • PVS-Studio
  • Sourcetrail

However, I call them "indirect" competitors because they just display the source code or relations in it as is, without high-level conclusions in the form of architectural diagrams and metrics.

So can you suggest existing software that makes high-level conclusions about the source code so to represent it as a hierarchy of subsystems?

If you need more details on what I'm talking about, here they are:

  • What programming language(s) is the system implemented in, i.e. what is the source code that any recommended software will need to parse? – Steve Barnes Jul 9 '19 at 4:51
  • Software that parses just some language is ok to recommend. It's helpful to know if some similar software ever exists, no matter what languages it processes. – Serge Rogatch Jul 9 '19 at 11:02

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