I need a Visual Studio add-in/software that supports adding notes to code but not adding it to a file as I do not want that comment to be added to the check in code.

I like adding notes to code to help me remember what code I have worked on and looked at. I often work with badly written legacy code However I don't want my team mates to see my comments in the code. I also don't like separate documents that don't allow me to immediately navigate to the code. So something like bookmarks but with notes and it's own file if that makes sense.

So basically I would for method X in class Y make a comment describing what it does and the issue to look out for. It's not an issue that the method names will change so it doesn't have to be inside the code itself. If there is an add-in that combines the comments to the code without the comment being in the same code that would be great. Or an add-in that enhances bookmarks in the IDE. I am not a fan of bookmarks as they are not easy to organize if you have many.

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