we are a small company that creates websites for a specific business. We created a Wordpress theme especially for this niche. The Header and footer are always the same, the only thing that changes is the content. So we are looking for a simple content-editor. I want to create the modules for my content-section on my own. As example A half image, half text widget, a parallax image widget, a headline widget and so on.

In the past we solved this by the flexible-content field from acf. This works great, but in my opinion that is outdated and not the best solution for our customers.

I thougth about page-builder like elementor, divi, visual composer, but these editors are to overloaded with functionallity so they are too big for us.

Gutenberg is to complex for me as developer i would feel much comfortable with php instead of react and so on.

Is there any Page / Content builder that fits for us?

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