I need help with selecting optimal cloud platform solution to my purposes.

For now I have a local web solution that includes:

  • MySQL database
  • Web page(JavaScript/HTML/CSS)
  • Couple Windows services that does some data processing (calculate averages from database values and stores these in different tables)

And I also have a several different locations which all has their own databases and web servers.

What I want from future is cloud based solution (in addition to current local solutions) that:

  • Stores data from all these separate local databases (data is received for example once a day)
  • Hosts same rest api and web page for cloud databases so that these can be accessed from everywhere
  • Runs my Windows Services in cloud

I have looked Microsoft Azure for one possible solution. Is this scenario possible to be implemented with Azure and how in practice this data transfer from local MySQL database to Azure Cloud database is possible to implement in a way that it is happening automatically for example once a day without need for user manually take a copy from local database and then export these manually in the cloud.

Hopefully someone can enlighten me and describe how automatic data transfers could be implemented between local and cloud DB:s

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