I must identify my company devices (embedded systems) inside a network (that include other devices), and then, be able to manage network parameters for those devices.

I can't find any protocol to do so even if it seems to be an regular issue in industrial networks.

Is there any known procedure (protocole) to fullfill my goal? I can achieve this over UDP packets, but it would not be as strong as a normalized protocol.


Here is the detail of my goal:

  • Multiple devices (let say they are A) are connected to a network. Those cannot be configured on a self interface since they are embedded systems with no keyboard or screen.
  • Other devices (B) are on the network but not configured to interact here. They must be ignored
  • A computer is linked to the network (Ethernet link) and want to know every A devices on the network. It probably emit a broadcast.
  • This computer is allowed to parameter the A devices, particularly the network settings (giving a fixed IP Address).

My question is related to Utility for setting network configuration per UDP but the point is not the utility, rather implementation to this.

It would be close to Cisco router settings to set an IP for a given MAC Address, and I am aware that playing with IP settings inside a network may have issues.

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