So, I hope you can help me with this because I've been searching for this for ages. I'm looking for a PDF reader/viewer with two very specific features:

  1. When I select some text, I would like to be able to see a pop-up with multiple highlight colours, like so:A screenshot of Polar Bookshelf showing a pop-up with 3 different highlights.
  2. These highlights should be easily saved to the text by saving the PDF, so that they can be viewed when I send the PDF somewhere else.

The reason is that marking up text like this works wonders for my text comprehension, and because I like to read PDFs with my Surface pen, and going back and forth between highlight colours is really annoying. Other nice features would be the ability to automatically add comments to highlights, and being able to draw on the text, but these are not necessary per se.

The two programs that most closely resemble what I would like are Polar Bookshelf and Drawboard PDF. The downside of the former is that the highlights aren't saved in the PDF, and for the latter that there is no popup when selecting text (it does provide a favourites toolbar, but this is still too clunky, even after setting the button on my pen to scroll through them).

Does anyone know of such a program, or a program which has a plug-in/add-on with this ability? (I'm thinking Acrobat)

Note: It doesn't strictly matter to me whether the program is free or not, I'm willing to shell out for this.

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