I have a sensor connected to internet thanks to a modem 3G which can send files only by FTP or HTTP (not FTPS and HTTPS) with defined port. I whiched get these files on my Cordova app thanks a Node.js server deploy on Heroku.

  • My problem is : Heroku provides me an access HTTPS (not HTTP) and the port isn't always the same. (So I can't put the Heroku link and the port directly in the sensor)

  • So I tried to find : A kind of interface to compensate this protocol change (with google cloud function or FTP Server but it doesn't seem the good choice). An alternative to heroku like Microsoft Azure or Mongoose.

  • My pressure : For the server : Whatever the network my app must have the access to data sensor (I can work with a localhost, I have to use a server) I have to find a free server (Exit Microsoft Azure) I develop this app for a company so I can use framework contains "for non-commercial use" (Exit Mongoose)

In general : My app must be hybrid. I'm only a student so maybe my searches or my way of proceeding aren't good .

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