I am building a program in C++ which involves parsing and interpreting user input. For instance, the user might type in "move player up 2* (2 + 3 )" and the program will respond by moving the player up by 10 spaces. There will be many other possible commands, and the execution will not necessarily happen from left-to-right order (as in the example above, where the brackets indicate order of operations). My knowledge of computational linguistics is very limited, but I believe that I am describing a Domain Specific Language with a context-free grammar. (Please correct me if I am wrong about this).

I could write code myself that defines the syntax of this language, but I'd be re-inventing the wheel. What C++ libraries are available that would help me parse input strings according to a specific grammar and then interpret them at run-time?

Important note: most of the DSL oriented libraries that I've researched (ie. Boost.proto and Boost.spirit) seem to be geared towards designing DSL's which will be implemented at compile-time, within the C++ code itself. This is not what I want; instead, I want libraries that will help me define and manage a DSL that is operated exclusively at run-time, through user inputted strings.

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