I’m searching for software which can do multiple things in the same file such as diagrams and drawings, text editing, and programming (hopefully Python). I know that Python can do lots of different things, but I’m looking to have my documentation and programming in the same file. For me, it’s important that I can organize my thoughts about a problem and create a solution for it plus of course programming in that same file.

Can anyone advise me on what’s available currently? Is there open source? Or will I have to pay? Will it be less expensive than Matlab and Wolfram Mathematica?

  • I suggest a wiki. Wiki are very flexible though extensions, and can be freely hosted in wikifarms. – Quidam Nov 3 '19 at 15:22

I am not exactly sure what you want, but it sounds a lot like Jupyter Notebooks. Such a notebook is essentially a series of cells, each of which can contain:

  • Text, formatted in markdown (with MathJax support).
  • Code in one of many languages including Python. Output produced by this code (including plots) is part of the notebook.

As for diagrams, I am not very familiar with the possibilities, but they can certainly be included if created with an external program.

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Same here but I'm pretty sure that the software closest to what your looking for is MatDeck. It has all the things you've mentioned and it can be done in the same file. It's layout is very similar to Microsoft Word and shouldn't take too long to get used to it. It's main functions are:

  • DSP can be done inside files with in-built filters and functions
  • You can use it's mathematics engine to make your own new functions
  • Custom GUIs are available which you can make and edit code with
  • Integrated programming can be ran simultaneously with other processes in the file
  • Python code and a script similar to C is available
  • Diagrams or drawings such as 2D or 3D graphs can be done on the documents with other processes being done simultaneously as well
  • You can document and edit text paragraphs in the same file similarly to Microsoft Word
  • Programming, documentation and all the other mentioned features can be done in the same single file
  • You can use the text editing and documentation options to track your thoughts like you mentioned by writing paragraphs, comments or something similar to make it easier to make sense of your work

Link to relevant websites:



Link to programming/management examples:

https://labdeck.com/examples/programming/introduction-to-programming.pdf?39fd30&39fd30 https://labdeck.com/examples/project-management/proj-management.pdf?39fd30&39fd30

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I'll second Wzrlpmft's suggestion regarding Jupyter notebooks, but if you're looking for something very different, you might check out the Leo editor. It seems to require a certain kind of mindset to appreciate, and mine doesn't qualify, but maybe yours does.

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