I am a very new in what I focus on these days, so I am asking some advice.

I recently struggle with playing H.264 which header is IEEE-1722 for Windows OS with python.

  • connection diagram below

[device]->----ethernet---->-[PC] :: the device is sending H.264 video format with 1722 header

That is a pretty big work to me, so I will separate in two tasks.

Task 1. IEEE-1722 parser Q1) finding python socket API that can parse 1722 header and payload OR is there anyway to receive all packets from Ethernet port.

Task 2. playback H.264 extract payload in the packet. Q2) looking for the easiest way to playback H.264 video format from ethernet streaming(UDP port @5000) using python2.7 .
--> after success playing-back H.264 with UDP packet header I will move on 1722 packet.

any solutions are super OK. please advice me a lot.

The constraint is only Windows OS, and i prefer to use python 2.7.

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