Have used WinSCP, Globalscape, Abintio, and now given the new ways of working (not so new for most) with cloud being the way forward, I was hoping that there may be some people who have recently implemented a new Enterprise SFTP service.

I am looking at either PaaS or SaaS and I would need for it to be able to have at least 2 Gateway Servers in order to bring data on prem and also store in the cloud.

Requirements (some of the "would like items") to name a few:

• The ability to have either or SSH / Username & 'password Authentication

• PGP upon send & decrypt as receiving

• AV scanning in / out

• PGP key management

• End User Interface to upload and download their own files - without the need of having to use RBAC (role based access control)

• Ability to archive data

• The ability to also send files to one time users with one time password use

• Having a wizard to create individual SFTP jobs

• Windows or Linux OS

*cost at the moment is not the mitigating factor, obviously the cheaper the better – but you also get what you pay for…


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    To name a few missing details: It's not 100% clear whether you are looking for a client or a server component, whether it shall run on Windows (guessed by WinScp) or (also) other OSes, how much you'd be willing to spend if it comes to paid solutions, what RBAC is – could you please edit your question and fill those gaps? Also, the first bullet point is not 100% clear (either username/password or? And is PGP rather meant as separate bullet point?) Thanks! – Izzy Jul 2 '19 at 18:34

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