We need something where we can write some text, or check a box on one PC, and all the other client PCs will see that note/checkbox option. We have two PCs running windows 10 where their configurations can change, it would be nice if we had something where we could note the configuration and have that information broadcasted to our eight other windows 10 PCs where the users can use that information. It is all on the same LAN.

Ideally, the application would just hang out in the system tray or a desktop widget. Something small and lightweight.

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The fact you have an application running in the background defies the purpose of "users using the information" you mention

My suggestion is to not hurt your brain and resources and use a Google Drive document (possibly a spreadsheet) which is shared in read-only. Provided communication runs unhindered, it will always sync with what is edited on the master. On the mega-plus side, it totally survives architecture changes.

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