On Debian/Linux, I am seeking for a powerful non-interactive line free software editor à la GNU ed or GNU sed (so usable in shell scripts), but more powerful and slightly more user-friendly.

In other words, I am dreaming of something at least as powerful as ed, but driven by a scripting language as powerful as guile, or lua, or awk (but not Python or PHP, I hate both of them).

The edited files are typically small enough -less than a few megabytes- to easily fit in memory (and my desktop has 64Gbytes)

A typical application could be useful in a shell script which replaces, in the hand-written HTML file of my draft guile/scheme mini tutorial for Linux developers, the <span class='date'>june 30, 2019</span> line by a line of the same <span class='date' holding the current date and time (e.g. as obtained with date +%c). I feel that XSLT is overkill for such a simple thing.

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