Is there any app which can switch off mobile data automatically.

I tend to forget to switch off Mobile Data , after I'm done with the use and I am looking for something that can switch it off automatically for me.

Like switching it off after 5 minutes of it being left idle or something.

I have minimal downloads. So there won't be any problems if the mobile data is switched off as soon as I lock my phone.

I want to curb down the usage of mobile data and in general the time I spend on my phone. So that's why I'm looking for something that closes the mobile data quite often.

If you have anything better to curb the addiction please suggest.

Android App only

  • Plenty of such apps. Must the one you want to have come for free, or are paid solutions acceptable? I myself use Tasker (paid), others swear on MacroDroid. Not sure whether toggling mobile data automatically requires root with recent Android versions, though (all my devices are rooted). – Izzy Jun 29 '19 at 19:18

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