Current state and problem

I have a web app where I visualize around 10k polygons on map. Clicking on a polygon displays an info window. The data are currently stored in Fusion Tables (as KML in one of the columns) and visualized with Google Maps fusionTablesLayer. Since FT are shutting down, I'm looking for an alternative. Whole app is running on VPS so I'm quite flexible with technology solutions.

What I've tried

I've tried just using a GeoJSON with Google Maps, then Leaflet with Mapbox, and few other dead-end solutions. None of them work well.

  1. The GeoJSON is quite large and downloading around 3 MB of data on front-end is not possible.
  2. The size of the data make the initial load time and map interactions very slow.

While looking for a solution, I've seen many suggestions to use ArcGIS, OpenLayers, PostGIS etc. My knowledge or experience with GIS and bigger datasets visualisation is quite low and I'd rather not spend hours or days trying out all of the options.

What I need

Visualize map with ~10k somewhat detailed clickable polygons on website from stored data (growing and changing daily).

Since this is for non-commercial use, I'd prefer a low cost solution. Ideally open source or around free tiers of services.

Other than that I have no requirements or preferences - whether OSM, Google or some other maps that I don't even know, whether PostGIS on my VPS or some cloud solution for data storage...

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