My desktop is a Linux/Debian/Sid and I know Linux since 1993, and prefer to use it on the command line. I am also a free software developer and advocate. So I want to use just software with OSI-approved license on Linux. And I hate PHP with passion.

I do have some "theoretical" knowledge about web technologies (in particular, I read many books on HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, DOM etc...) but little practice (so far, I wrote less than 10KLOC of Web related things).

I am right now writing the Scheme tutorial on http://starynkevitch.net/Basile/guile-tutorial-1.html and I am using emacs and writing the HTML5, CSS and perhaps JavaScript (not yet used) by hand.

I am slightly color-blind, have a poor sight, and no infographics or web page design skills.

BTW, I am not against using some static HTML code generator to produce this tutorial. I heard in particular of GoHugo. I know that there are other such tools and several of them are free software. But I never used GoHugo (or any other HTML generating tool, except HeVeA). I could compile it easily, but then I might need some help (e.g. to have some shell script to generate my HTML pages).

But I have several requirements.

First and obviously, I need to visually have differences similar to what my poor current CSS already provide. Certainly, being able to highlight some Scheme keywords, and to show evaluation like I already do. In addition, I need to visually pair some matching parenthesis.

Second, I absolutely need the generated HTML to be fully on my website (including all dependencies such as CSS or JavaScript or image files), and I really want the potential reader to be capable, for example, of download all the web pages locally on his tablet (imagine some cheap Android one), and be able to look into these pages in a bus under a tunnel, so without any Internet connection.

At last, I like generating with some other tool (maybe even GPP) some markup-kind file (in whatever syntax is convenient). And I would like to easily be able to generate my tutorial in a Makefile using make doc.

Given my needs, what do you recommend me?

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