I'm working on a project to migrate excel data into new excel files that are compatible with another system. As part of this work, I have to do a lot of data manipulation between excel sheets (concatenation, text matching, text manipulation, etc).

I have been writing VBA scripts but I find the language a bit difficult to work with when errors start popping up. I'd prefer to use C# in Visual Studio since I'm already familiar with the language/IDE.

Would Epplus or the Microsoft Interop libraries be a more modern way to do this work? I'm interested in using a modern API that's intuitive if you already have experience with C++/C#.


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You can have a check on Spire.XLS for .NET library.

Spire.XLS for .NET is a feature rich Excel library written in C#, it does not have any dependency on MS Office and can be easily applied to create, convert, edit and print excel files, merge excel files, search text, create chart, import/export data and many more within .NET applications.

For more supported features, you can check this online documentation.

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