I will create an api gateway. I want to use pbf file format for my openstreetmap data, since I've read it's efficient and my data will update but no frequently.

This app will require to have:

  • routes server (I will use valhalla)
  • geocoder (nominatim or pelias) // pelias require a little more hardware I believe
  • render maps in web and apps (for web I will use react-leaflet with react-leaflet-vectorgrid)
  • create static maps images, since some parts of the site doesn't require the whole map rendered and this is where I don't know what should I use

I'm not sure if there is a library to do this, or even if it's possible, most of the software that I have seen, use raster image servers to create static maps but for vector tiles I haven't...

Any help will be so much appreciated, Thank you

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