I need recommendations on how to connect my company's database (cloud-hosted, has a vb front end, I have to upload code to the vendor to affect the backend tables in sql, and I have access for workflows to use a webservice) to a data collection website through an API.

  • the database I support requires SOAP (does that mean I can only connect to another application that has SOAP? Why/why not?) and I have the WSDL

  • I can program in C++, VB, SQL, and work well with XML and HTML. (If you think I should learn any other languages for my question here please let me know.)

I currently using SoapUI free version for my API testing which is easy, but I am confused on how to get anything actually in my database from another application/website automatically. (I know I can connect to monitor services to watch over my APIs, and I know some people upload their requests to Git repositories, but I am totally missing the WHY, and somewhat of the how.)

For example, my company would like it so that when an auditor clicks "submit" when they fill out an audit forum in a web application our auditors use, the forum results will automatically be added in our database as a new record through an API with an endpoint of ours called "AddAudit."

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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