I want to build a Kafka Connector in order to retrieve records from a database at near real time. My database is the Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release and the tables have millions of records. First of all, I would like to add the minimum load to my database using CDC. Secondly, I would like to retrieve records based on a LastUpdate field which has value after a certain date.

Searching at the site of confluent, the only open source connector that I found was the “Kafka Connect JDBC”. I think that this connector doesn’t have CDC mechanism and it isn’t possible to retrieve millions of records when the connector starts for first time. The alternative solution that I thought is Debezium, but there is no Debezium Oracle Connector at the site of Confluent and I believe that it is at a beta version.

Which solution would you suggest? Is something wrong to my assumptions of Kafka Connect JDBC or Debezium Connector? Is there any other solution?

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