I would like to start a summer learning project, but I need some advice!

I have knowledge in php and mysql, and thinking it might be some javascript that I should do my project in, but is open to good ideas ??

My summer project should be able to ...

  1. Create an area of eg 30 x 40 meters
  2. The area shall be converted to pixels in relevant aspect ratio, eg. 400x600px.
  3. create more samaller img/divs like eg. dinner tables eg. 80x10px.
  4. In the area I will be able to move around with the dinner tables (img/)
  5. When I am satisfied with the setup, the coordinates of img/ must be saved in the DB
  6. On a "second" website, I can then see the position I just made.
  7. The area must be able to be corrected and saved again in DB (it must not be static graphics)

I am looking for some good ideas, for whether it should be javascript, or what to learn to get started with the project!

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