I have a raspberry pi that is able to capture measurements from a sensor at 45hz. I need to be able to upload this data to the cloud realtime and then develop some sort of client application to display this data in realtime. The client application also needs to be able to send some information back to the raspberry pi occasionally if certain settings are changed. I have tried solutions such as Blynk and ThingSpeak but have encountered problems with Blynk not being customizable enough and therefore having inconsistent scaling on the x axis. With ThingSpeak, I ran into a problem with only being allowed to upload data once every 15 seconds. I was thinking about an SQLite database although I'm not sure exactly how I would implement this. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I can use to achieve this? Preferably, I want to be able to write python code to upload the data from the raspberry pi but the client application can be written in anything.

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